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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Habitate Majuli


Majuli, is situated in areas nearby the mighty Brahmaputra river on its either side. Its  face is lifted to the blue sky of  limitless frontiers . the lapping water of the holy Brahmaputra perpetually caressed its feet and her vision is stretched to the the Himalayan of  distant hills and other than who moulded the universe the master craftsman - God himself. The largest island of river in the world is Majuli, is a civil sub-division of Jorhat District, is located Jorhat town, Assam, India. Total area of the island was 1250, now it is about 650 Its length from east to west is about 90 km. & width from north to south is about 16 km.

Multifaceted by its attraction, it unfolds a variety of interest for traditional handicraft, tourist rare migratory birds and dance forms; ethnic culture and pottery; water sports etc. It is a land of exquisitely beautiful flowers, rare animals, and a beleaguered people that are hospitable & proud, varieties of rare orchids of the North East region This Island is a hotspot of bio-diversity and has rare breeds of flora and fauna. Its vast faunal wealth covers more than 100 species of reptiles and birds, mammals nearly 100 types of local fish and 1000 of insects. On the floral side it covers more than 1000 species of trees, orchids, flowers, creepers, grasses and other type of plant-life.

It is heavenly abode of different kinds of birds globally endangered species are found here in a good number of ‘stoke’ . The species nest can be viewed from all the tall trees from many places in the island. For bird watchers Majuli is the ideal place. Spotted Pelican, Little Grebe, Large Cormorant, Grey Heron, Open Stoke are from among the rare birds found here.

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