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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Majuli - Neo-Vaishnavite satras

Neo-Vaishnavite satras

The icon of the Sattra institute in Assam is Neo Vaishnavism. There this institute of religion and Social not only play role important for diversity in Indian Socio cultural. This institute is similar to those of ancient Math’s or Buddhist monasteries, it was created by Sankardeva which were latterly become a unique parcel & part of Assamese life. Vaishnavite movement was not merely for the undertones of school of an artist, but it was broader in true terms as it was a comprehensive socio movement for religion, that plays the vital role. For Assamese culture this provides the necessary and vibrant building blocks of alive of Naghars and Sattra for Majuli which are still in institution

Twenty one Satras are there on island - several of them very active in their tradition and the training of art and craft, dance, music and drama. One can hire a boat and cruise down the river in the early morning, do bird-watching and can visit fields or homes of the tribal people to see the cultivation and hand woven products made by them. People even go for enjoying cycle ride and can best experience the secrets of Majuli the land of culture.

There are Satras on the island which are active in their tradition and for the interested tourist training of dance, drama, music, art and craft. People go for a ride of cycle experience the secrets of land of culture i.e. Majuli. Satras also have the treasure for various satriya dances as Notua, Sutradhar, Chali, Jumora, Vringee, Ozapali, Matiakhara and Apsara Dance This Island is the hub Neo Vaishnavism culture of Assamese in Majuli. The Neo Vaishnavism culture provides Majuli a true divine environment in this modern world. This culture is truly a one which connects you to almighty.

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