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Thursday, March 18, 2010

People, Population and Fair & Festival of Majuli

People, Population and Fair & Festival of Majuli

Majuli population entirely constitute from immigrants of the areas nearby the Brahmaputra River on its either side. The fertility and easy available inputs for life attract peasants from Majuli. People which belong to different type of caste and community which  are inhabited in this island. The Kachari, Konch and Ahom among them belong to Burmese branch which are Mongoloid origin; but the Matak, the Kaivatra, the Nath, etc. belong to Dravidian origin. The most important community of this island is Misihing community and consist of about 47% of the inhabitant of island. The population inhabited on the island worship ' Abu Palao' and ' Aane Danchi', as the sun as their mother and the moon as their father respectively in their rituals.  But  for the  integral part inhabitants consist of The Chutias which are Mongoloids.

The people of Majuli; the cultural capital of Assam, have made their island a Nerve of Assamese Religion as center for Culture , Art and Education and they are  preserving it as culture since  last five hundred years from all challenge of political, calamities - natural and social. 

Special events in the Majuli Festival are being organized during festivals days. In the Cultural programmes inhabitants of the island participate in the various classical cultural and traditional groups. But other most important festival is Bihu for the population of Assam, which also initiate the season for agriculture . The merriments include dances accompanied on lusty and wild beats of Pepa (buffalo hornpipe) and Dhol. People adorn traditional attires like Gamocha , Dhoti and Mekhala , Chadar. During November Tea festival is the unique experience, it offers holidays for combining the visit to Golf, Tea Gardens and Cruises of River. During April Rongali Utsav on the areas nearby the Brahmaputra river on the either side for the celebration of vibrant fertility cult.

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