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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Majuli - Tourist Interests

Tourist Interests

Majuli, situated in nearby areas on its either side of mighty river the Brahmaputra. It  lift its face to the blue sky of  limitless frontiers . the lapping water of the holy Brahmaputra river  perpetually caressed its feet of interests. Tourist interest is stretched to the island of nature for roaring force like the river Brahmaputra and is acquired by the utilizing of art which is mighty force of nature for their benefit. Tourist interest is also stretched to find animals that are rare, flowers that are very beautiful and a beleaguered people which are hospitable and proud. Other interest for the island of valleys, hills is the northeastern corner of India  Kamakhya the Mother Goddess lies and has rarest places of interests.

There are Satras on the island which are active in their tradition and for interested tourist training of dance, drama, music, art and craft. One can also hire a cruise and boat down the river in the early morning, bird-watching and also visit fields and homes to see the cultivation and hand weaving of the tribal people. Kamakhya Temple is on Nilachal hill which is major attraction of this region for the worship of Goddess Kamakhya. From the temple city view and the river Brahmaputra which is the mighty river is fabulous.

This island is heavenly abode of different kinds of birds for interested tourist, many endangered species are found here in a good number of ‘stoke’. The nest of these endangered species can be viewed from all the tall trees from many places in the island. For bird watchers Majuli is the ideal place. Spotted Pelican, Little Grebe, Large Cormorant, Grey Heron, Open Stoke are from among the rare birds found here. As a tourist spot Majuli is one of the best destination as it has a mixture of both tribal and modern day cultures.

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