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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gautam Roy hints at wife Mandira Roy, as next candidate

Roy hints at wife as next candidate

SILCHAR April 6: Excise Minister Gautam Roy today kept the Karimganj District Congress virtually awe-struck when he hinted that his wife Mandira Roy could be fielded in the next Assembly elections in Karimganj.
Addressing a meeting of the district committee Roy said, in Karimganj, the Congress party had no strong candidate, and hence woman candidate from the neighbouring district Hailakandi could be fielded here.He, however, did not utter anyone’s name.
Yet everyone present could easily realize who he was talking about. Earlier Gautam Roy, to everyone’s utter disbelief, silenced Municipality Chairman Dr. Manas Das halfway in his speech. Dr. Das was explaining the problem his Board was facing in draining out clogged water. But Roy rudely asked him to sit down and said Dr. Das would not be able to solve the civic problem in the town.
Interestingly, Roy was instrumental in making Dr. Das, a debutant politician, the chairman of the Municipality Board. It was believed that Roy would project Dr. Das as the next candidate for Karimganj Assembly seat. But, today Roy made a volte-face hinting at his wife as the next candidate. THE SENTINEL

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