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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Places of Tourist Attractions in Mizoram

Places of Tourist Attractions in Mizoram

Remote northeastern corner of India has a lovely state called Mizoram, where steep bluish mountains combine with the green clad valleys and placid lakes to form spectacular picturesque moments to watch. These along with the dense jungles and warmhearted and peace-loving Mizo tribes present immoral moments for tourists to enjoy and relish.

Some important tourist attractions in Mizoram are Aizawl – a highly acclaimed hill station on an elevated ridge with sea of flowers and its superb Mizo hamlets. This is a 112year old city which also houses a worth visit museum wherein Mizo historical relics, artifacts and costumes are displayed.

Besides, there is Tadmil, Vantawng Falls, Phawngpui, Dampa Sanctuary, Phulpui Grave, Sibuta Lung (memorial stone), Tomb of Vanhimailian, Tualchang, Lungvandawt, Buddha's Image etc. amongst lot of hot and pleasant tourist attractions around Aizawl.

Tadmil: is a lake wherein one can also pedal a boat besides enjoying and relaxing exquisite natural beauties.  Vantawng Falls: offers picturesque atmosphere on the green hills backdrop. For trekking lovers and adventurous people Phawngpui: considered to be the abode of the Gods, is the highest highly revered peak here offering all kinds of these pleasures besides rare species of rhododendrons, herbs and orchids. One can also enjoy jungle safaris in Dampa Sanctuary: an abode for hoolock gibbon, tiger, swamp deer, elephant and leopards. Phulpui Grave: two graves of lovers at Phulpui village in the Aizawl district; Sibuta Lung: a memorial stone found at Tachhip village, 20 Km from Aizawl town;   Tomb of Vanhimailian: A tomb known as the 'Tomb of Vanhimailian' was erected in Vanhimailian; Tualchang: is a row of stone slabs; Lungvandawt: Mizos believe it is a stone reaching heaven. It is a very tall beautiful chiseled pillar made of stone; Buddha's Image: Lord Buddha’s engraved image made of stone which has been discovered early eighteen century.

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