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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Places of Tourist Attractions in Nagaland

Places of Tourist Attractions in Nagaland

Nagaland is a place of exotic sceneries of monoliths. Its serpentine roads provide mind blowing view of lush green valleys, smoky blue hills, picturesque waterfalls and extraordinarily rare species of birds along with silky green ferns taking one to the world of extreme happiness and peace. Nagaland is truly an experience to traveler’s delight. These along with the dense jungles, chilling mountain breeze and ethnic tribes present immoral moments for tourists to enjoy and relish. This is a city away from normal hustle and bustle of city life besides it being a cocoon of nature’s wealth along with natural flora and fauna, its festivals and fairs known allover the world for their extraordinary culture and taste.

The stigma effect of visit to Nagaland does not subside easily as one may not able to digest all the nature’s vibrant and different moods in very short time. Also, to add spice is the habitat and culture of the tribes alongside usual tourist attractions.

Tourist places which attract lot of people here are – Dimapur; Kohima; Dzukou Valley; Naga Hills; Barra Basti; Japfu Peak; Shangnyu Village; Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary; Fakim Sanctuary; Nagaland State Museum and the Catholic Cathedral etc.
Amongst other tourist attractions one the major tourist attraction of Nagaland is the Tribes - its people, their folklores and festivals. With an awe-inspiring look martial tribes display a sturdy and awesome look, with headgears and spears and ethnic costumes these provide not only a delightful display of different world but also show their different kind of culture, traditions and attire. There are more than 18 tribes which display their ancient martial art form and it is worth watching their fierce fight form.

Also in the middle of village, they built a typical Naga style house with crossed horns and carved mithun heads, a symbol of prosperity, a manger having rice beer and a large grain basket – all showing prosperity and happiness. This again is worth watching and an important attraction which one may not experience anywhere else.
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