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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Places of Tourist Attractions in Assam

Places of Tourist Attractions in Assam

One will not be able to find a place which provides choicest gifts from nature in a varied range from wooded hills, mountains and valleys to rich, rare and diversified flora and fauna than a place called Assam – a true experience to visit in northeast corner of India surrounded by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. It is a land with history, myths and religion besides rolling plains and shady forests. It is an ancient city whose history can be traced back to centuries in ancient times and this land is created magical picturesque natural sceneries along side on the banks of raging Brahmaputra which flows through Assam. Also beautiful tea gardens come alive with wild life sanctuaries and national parks, besides Assam being commercial hub and linkage to whole North-Eastern part of India.

It is this land which keeps on unfolding its attractiveness and varied resources in form of its natural flora and fauna, wildlife species besides religious atmosphere along with natural beauty and adventurous sports like gliding, parachuting, mountaineering etc.

Kamakhya Temple – is most popular tourist spot in Assam. A Hindu shrine nobody would miss during it s trip to Assam. It is very famous not for its architecture and history but also for its religious values. Haflong –It is a hill station which has an admirable and picturesque scenic beauty. Sibsagar - is the historical city worth a visit and has a tank that dates back to more than two centuries. The Manas National Park – a tiger reserve and is one of most popular tourist attraction of Assam which has attained status of a world heritage site. And the most famous Kaziranga National Park – an abode to the famous one horned Rhino. 15 Vaishnava monasteries Umananda Temple, Navagraha Temple, Basistha Ashram, Hajo, Cherrapunjee, and Maeri National Park are also major attractions for tourists in Assam.
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