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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rebels serve ‘quit notice’

Rebels serve ‘quit notice’

SILCHAR, April 7: Non Manipuris belonging to various communities, specially from the plains of other parts of Northeast and the country are in panic, gripped as they are with fear psychosis. Different Manipur-based rebel groups which include People’s Liberation Army (PLA), United National Liberation Front (UNLF), Revolutionary People’s Forum (RPF), People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Prepak), as well as other sundry outfits have issued ‘quit notice’ on them living in various parts of the State.

The notice served on March 28 has a deadline of three months by which the non Manipuris have to leave the State. Otherwise, it warns of serious consequences. The warning has been given out in local newspapers of the State. In the meantime, around 25 families have already left, according to intelligence sources here. The panic ridden families have taken shelter with their relatives and friends. It is to be recalled that in 2003, 125 families deserted their homes and sought refuge in the Lakhipur area of Cachar. Around 25 thousand employees serving in Central, State and private establishments are in dilemma and are at crossroads, considering the threat perception. While insurgency in other Northeast States is on the wane, Manipur continues to be the hotbed of a number of militant organizations with safe bases and refuges in the hills and dales of the State, besides easy access to Myanmar. Even intensified flush out operations by security forces are unable to rein in them. THE SENTINEL

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