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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ATM fiasco rattles customers

ATM fiasco rattles customers

SILCHAR, April 7: As the banking services are becoming mechanized, customers find it easy for their money transactions besides availing themselves of the various facilities. But, it is also becoming cause of worry and anxiety for them often. Some of the customers of State Bank of India today at a press meet held in the premises of a school shared their problems with the mediapersons. Champak Chandra Saha, a teacher, said when he went to draw an amount of Rs 2,600 only from his account at the ATM counter at Ambicapatty, he was amazed to read the screen display which indicated ‘your last transaction cancelled. Sorry unable to process’. More amazing, his account has been debited for the amount he did not receive. Similar are the experiences of Anju Devi, home maker, who could not draw Rs 20,000 from her account on February 2. Sunil Kumar Singh and Sapan Acharjee too could not draw Rs 15,000 on April 5 and Rs 4,000 in June 2008. Till date, non of them has received the amount lost in the ATM. Champak Saha quoted a RBI circular to say that if a customer does not get his money within 12 days, he will have to be paid Rs 100 per day from the disputed date till the bank makes payment to him. He has advised the customers to bring to the notice of the Branch Managers their problem and lodge complaint in this regard for necessary actions. He pointed out that while security guards are posted at the ATM of other banks, why similar arrangement should not be made by SBI. THE SENTINEL

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