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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stress laid on fishery development

Stress laid on fishery development

SILCHAR, April 7: At a meeting held in the conference hall of the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar presided over by ADC Baranya Das and attended by the District Fishery Development Officer and the Chief Executive Officer UC Kalita and representatives of NGOs, after threadbare discussion, it was decided to go for campaign among common people about the need for the increased pisciculture and to adopt various measures for the implementation of fishery preservation rules and regulations. In view of the random use of nets round the year by people in order to hook fishes, it has been decided to enforce strictly the use of prescribed size of nets which should not be less than seven to 14 cm. Use of nets of small sizes are playing havoc with the fishes during their germination period. In order to preserve the fishes, Pratul Deka of the department laid stress on the implementation of the five rules of Fishery Act and its violation has to be strictly dealt with for meting out punishment to the violators as per law. THE SENTINEL

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