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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, Assam

Assam Medical College

Formally established on 3rd November 1947 at Dibrugarh, Assam Medical College was earlier known amongst the people as Dr. John Berry White Medical School which had been established in the year 1902. The Assam Medical College is the first medical college in the north eastern area of India.

After the founding of the medical colleges in other parts of Assam that is at Guwahati and the other one at Silchar, the Assam medical college is considered to be the tertiary medical referral centre for the areas in upper Assam along with some of the areas in the neighboring states. One of the most prominent neighboring areas includes Arunachal Pradesh for which the Assam medical college serves as the Medical Referral Centre.

Along with the medical courses there are numerous other paramedical courses in Midwifery and Nursing along with the Diploma course in Pharmacy. The college is ranked as one amongst the top 10 medical colleges all over the country.

There is a lavish hostel area for the students coming from different parts of the country can stay. The college is located in between the lush tea estates of the Dibrugarh area. There are some of the buildings that are built in accordance with the British architecture while there are others that are constructed recently for upgrading the college and making it one of the premier Asian medical institutes.

Besides the hostels for students there are staff quarters that let the students maintain constant contact with the professors. Not only the principals are highly qualified but the teachers at the Assam Medical College are also renowned and some of the best teachers in their respective fields.   

The Assam medical college has had numerous great principals in the due course of time who have been awarded with the great degrees and also respectable Padmashree awards.

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