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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Barak Valley

Barak Valley

Barak valley is the situated in the southern part of Assam. This place is forenamed after the Barak river. Silchar is the main city of this valley. Barak Valley’s three sides are separated from the main state of Assam by the hills as well as with the Bangladesh’s international boundary.    

There are three major districts in Barak Valley namely Hailakandi, Cachar and Karimganj. Of these three districts, the headquarters of Karimganj District is considered as the valley’s second largest town. Other than being the second largest town, it is also regarded as Barak Valley’s cultural center. 

Bangle is the official language and is spoken by almost population residing in this place. Other than Bangla, the common language spoken by the people living there is the Sylheti Bangla. Bishnupriya Manipuri is the language other than Bengali which is spoken by the marginal population in Barak Valley.   

The people living in Barak Valley belong to different religions but the majority of the people living there include Hindus and Muslims. The Hindu population constitutes to be 50% of the entire population while that of the Muslims is 46%.

In the Cachar district of Barak Valley, the majority of population is composed of Hindus which is 60% while Muslims enjoy the majority of population in Karimganj which is 53%.

Aside from the Sylheti Bengalis, the Barak Valley is also the home to Manipuris, Kacharis and Hmar. The inhabitant of the main city valley that is Silchar is ruled by the Bengalis and they are the ones who owe to the heavy penetration from Bangladesh which is the neighboring country. The influence of Bengalis in Barak Valley and its districts has reduced the number of originally residing inhabitants which can include Cacharis, Rongmei Nagas, Meiteis and Meitei Pangals.              

Barak valley is basically the lower Assam and is considered to be one of the most backward parts of the country economically.    

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RAKESH said...

in barakvalley there are 21 assamese villeges u should remember

Anonymous said...

not bishnupriya manipuri only manipuri