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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Silchar Polytechnic

Silchar Polytechnic

Silchar Polytechnic is located in Cachar District of Silchar in the state of Assam. The polytechnic is one of the well known and established polytechnics offering various courses for the students.

The Silchar Polytechnic gets its affiliation from the Assam University. The courses that are offered by the polytechnic for the students include Diploma courses in civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering as well as Electro & Telecommunication engineering.

The number of seats for each course differs that are offered to the students. Diploma courses in civil engineering have a maximum of 90 seats, Mechanical Engineering has 40 seats and Electrical Engineering gives the opportunity to 30 students for availing admission as well as Electro & Telecommunication engineering that have mere 20 seats.

Silchar Polytechnic is considered as one of the best colleges in the state of Assam for the engineering students who wish to grab knowledge about a particular field of Engineering.      

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