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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dhakeshwari Temple

Dhakeshwari Temple

Dhakeshwari temple was constructed in 12th century by King Ballal Sen of Sena dynasty. The present method of temple architecture can’t be dated for that period of time as several renovations, repairs, and rebuilding have done in past years so its current condition doesn’t evidently illustrate any of the original characteristics of the architecture. It’s measured an important part of cultural heritage of Dhaka. A lot of researchers state that temple is amongst the Shakti Peethas, in which the jewel from crown of Goddess had fallen. Even though there isn’t sufficient historical framework for establishing the fact. Researchers were aimed at this site whereas trying to position the exacting Shakti Peetha. Since then, the temple has great significance. This innovative 800-year aged sculpture was damaged during the 1971war. This temple was more damaged through the 1989/90 riots.

The temple is situated in Old Dhaka just behind the BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) campus, located on orphanage road next to Bakshi Bazar area. There is stable altar exterior to temple’s main premises. It hosts annual Durgs Puja of Goddess Durga.

Within the chief temple location, there are four identical structures dedicated to Lord Shiva. On the eastern side of the main temple, the statue of Goddess is situated. Dhakeshwari Temple is center of several religious activities. Every year, the biggest Durga Puja celebration of Dhaka is arranged at National Temple, with all the VIPs comes to felicitate Hindu community of Bangladesh from temple premises. 

Several thousand onlookers and worshippers flow through the location where they are given ‘Prasad’ (generally rice and lentils). A Bijaya Sammelani (which is a cultural program just after Durga Puja) happens in the adjacent parade ground few days following the Durga Puja and is also the most important cultural affair in Dhaka calendar, commonly drawing amongst the apex performers from Dhaka film and music industry.

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