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Friday, July 29, 2011

2013 Durga Puja in Singapore Durga Puja Location Pandal Mandap

2013 Durga Puja in Singapore

Singapore is amongst such countries where there is big Indian population living so all the Indian festivals are celebrated in this country in large numbers. Since several years, Durga Puja is being celebrated in Singapore, so it has brought public collectively, to enjoy every moment of this occasion.

There is big population of Bengali Indian community existing in Singapore, which has helped in attaining the Indian culture on Singapore’s soil. To pull out this Bengali culture, Bengali Association Singapore works for the awareness of Bengali traditions. In Singapore also, the Durga Puja is celebrated through great zeal with the Bengali community, in company with other Indian people living there. They don’t be short of their preparation because it’s already completed in India.

They formulate themselves get ready to dish up the worshippers who come to the pandals for getting the blessings. There is an enormous carnival of worshippers to find a single sight of the Goddess Durga’s idol. Organizers of Durga Puja do create sufficient preparation for making people happy while enjoying this festival. 

Bengali people, who play an important part in this festival, make delicious Bengali sweets. The Bengali sweets are the best in all other sweets. Dishes like, boi, sandesh, and many others, fetch people to different pandals. The idol of Maa Durga is engraved so wonderfully that one can’t be able to leave without seeing one sight of it. 

The government of Singapore also facilitates Indian Bengali communities in arranging the festival of Durga Puja, easily and also provides whatever help required like the permission for venue of the Durga Puja.

At the same time as the residents of Indian Bengali community are increasing in Singapore, this festival is also growing in the same way with some distinctive ways of celebrations and holding the Singapore people to enjoy this festival.

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