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Friday, July 29, 2011

2013 Durga Puja in Patna Durga Puja Location Pandal Mandap Bihar

2013 Durga Puja in Patna

Durga Puja is amongst the chief festivals of Patna. Lots of pandals are arranged with carnivals. The city observes huge amount of visitors during these four days starting from Maha Saptami. Pandals are ornamented with sculptures, lights, and other art forms. The crowd gathers in the streets in evenings and host to demonstrations and food stalls. Various competitions are arranged for giving prizes to best pandal.  Despite puja pandals, the other major attraction is musical nights during the Durga Puja Festival. 

Since Durga Puja fever holds the city, several huge pandals have appeared in diverse areas. The contest is hard, and all puja samities are trying to beat others for acquiring Numero-Uno position. The cost implicated in making the beautiful pandal is massive. So sometimes, samities are forced for raising funds. 

Sri Durga Puja Kalyan Samiti situated at Shiv Mandir, Kadamkuan, Patna, isn’t spend generously for pandals. According to samiti member Mr. Pradip Kumar Jain their samiti is aongst the oldest in Patna and they concentrate mainly on puja and Prasad. 

The puja samiti situated near Veena cinema is also spending a lesser amount of money. A member of puja samiti JD Women’s College, said: “previous year we had spent around Rs 70,000 for pandals. This year we will spend around Rs 80,000. We include some surprises for the guests this time.” 

Amusingly, all artisans are Muslims sleeting from Jamtara. In the last 1-2 years the cost of pandals has increased considerably. People are donating more money during this festival time so it proved to be a helping hand. 

The Navyuvak Sangh, situated at Dak Bungalow Road, has presented the replica of one Paris church. The puja samitis of Patna City like Boring, Canal Road, Raja Bazaar, and other regions are also spending lots of money for pandals. The samiti members had said that they depend heavily on donation from the members and they don’t spoil in extortion for creating their pandals. 

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