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Friday, July 29, 2011

2013 Durga Puja in UK London Durga Puja Location Pandal Mandap

2013 Durga Puja in UK

For a lot of people, the Durga Puja festival is the most vital religious festival of Bengali calendar. Few other festivals also engage much of the media coverage every year or display so much for a spiritual fulfillment. 

Durga Puja symbolizes victory of good over evil in both on personal as well as society level. Durga is Maa (Mother) and much cherished daughter of King Himavat, also known as the Himalayas, who come for very short while and goes back to her mountain home. 

The practice of being there in sight of Durga as well as her family members like Ganesh, Kartik, Saraswati, and Lakshmi for Darshan is a touching one. Worshippers can fetch thoughts and feelings and look as if the most suitable in secretive moments of reflection, meditation and prayer. When the priest quietly appeals 'ma go' (Mother dear) to pay attention to prayers of people who are attending, his/her movements and reactions position the tone of whole procedures. 

The participation of contestants at each proceedings level, together with choice of flowers as well as cooking food, the lifting of funds and sending invitations, make sure that Durga puja is vigorous social event. Substantial contact with images throughout Durga Puja like offering of sindur and bhog brings worshipper in nearer religious contact with Maa Durga too for being fortunate enough to be present at celebrations.

Different Puja committees in UK have been bringing in images from centre of clay image creation, Kumartuli situated in North Kolkata and somewhere else since 1960s and a lot of are celebrating no less than 40 years for Durga puja now. Numerous sarvajanin puja committees are situated in London, Leicester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Grimsby. Some of them have even mannered bishorjon or fascination of Durga images, like Cardiff Puja committee from Cardiff Bay during 2004 and Camden Puja committee from Thames with Protima made by Nemai Chandra Paul from Krishnanagar.  

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