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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hinduism in Bangladesh

Hinduism in Bangladesh

Hinduism is 2nd biggest religious association in Bangladesh. According to population, Bangladesh is 3rd biggest Hindu state of the world following India and Nepal respectively.

In nature, the Hinduism of Bangladesh strongly looks like customs and forms of Hinduism accomplished in neighboring state, West Bengal of India, with which Bangladesh was integrated until 1947 with partition of India. 

The Goddess generally adored as Durga or Kali. The worship of Lord Shiva has usually found devotees amongst upper castes of Bangladesh. Worship of Lord Vishnu more unambiguously cuts crosswise caste lines through teaching primary oneness of humanity in strength. In Bengal, Vishnu worship states the union of male as well as female values in rituals of devotion and love. This figure of Hindu faith and Sufi ritual of Islam have inclined and cooperated with one another in Bengal. 

Bangladeshi Hinduism acknowledges worship of patron deities of mountains, rivers, animals, vegetation, disease or stones. Ritual bathing, mountains, vows, pilgrimages of sacred rivers, cities and shrines are vital practices. Any common Hindu will adore at holy places of Muslim pirs, with not being concerned about the religion. Hindus worship many holy men for their bodily degradations. Some think that they achieve spiritual benefit just by looking at any great holy man.

The theory of ahimsa is uttered in just about commonly observed rules adjacent to eating beef. In no way, all Bangladeshi Hindus are vegetarians, but self-restraint from all types of meat is considered as "higher" virtue. "Upper-caste” or Brahmin Bangladeshi Hindus, dissimilar to their opposite numbers somewhere else in South Asia, normally eat chicken and fish. This is like Indian state named West Bengal, which is climatologically very similar to Bangladesh, and has guided Hindus to eat fish because it’s the single main protein source. 

The most significant temple for eminence is Dhakeshwari Temple, situated in Dhaka. This temple together with other Hindu associations, organizes Durga Puja very prominently. 

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