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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mythology of Durga Puja

Mythology of Durga Puja

As said in Hindu mythology, a demon known as Mahishasuraa received kindness of Lord Shiva following hard and long sacrament. Lord Shiva, overwhelmed with his dedication, exalted him that no deity or man might be able to murder him and only a woman may kill him. Mahishasuraa was very happy with this godsend because he thought a woman can’t ever beat him. Bigheaded Mahishasura started his terror over whole universe with people were killed cruelly. He also attacked domicile of gods and occupied the heavens and became the head.

Defeat of Gods

After their humiliation and defeat from Mahishasura, the gods took shelter under Lord Brahma. He took them before Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The pure energy raged from Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu took the form known as Goddess Durga. 

The Battlefield

Mahishasura's armies were easily hit down by Durga; it became noticeable that he wasn’t as safe as he thought in heaven. No demon would fight with her and win. Her breath would bring back life all her soldiers who died. Demons were in confusion and were effortlessly defeated and imprisoned. Mahishasura was stunned and furious with disastrous events in the battlefield. He took the form of demonic buffalo and gone towards Durga’s divine soldiers for killing them. Durga's lion jumped on demon-buffalo and occupied him in battle. While he was occupied there, Durga heaved her lariat around his neck. 

Then Mahishasura assumed a lion form and Durga beheaded lion, then Mahishasuraa runaway in a man form who was straight away confronting each other with volley of arrows from Goddess Durga. The demon runaway yet again and having assumed a huge elephant form battered lion of Durga with a tusk. Durga cut his tusk into pieces by her sword. 

The Victory

The demon reverted yet again in the form of wild buffalo. He concealed himself in mountains so that he could throw stones at Durga by his horns. Durga drank divine nectar, given by Kuber. She then jumped on Mahishasura and pushed him on ground by her left leg. She clutched his head in her one hand and pierced him with the sharp trident of her by another hand and with another hand she manipulated her dazzling sword, beheading him. Eventually he fell lifeless, and sprinkled surviving bits and pieces of his once unbeatable army escaped in terror.

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