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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Media plays important role in cancer prevention: Dr Kannan

SILCHAR, Sept 15: “Media can play an important role in creating awareness among people about the symptoms, causes and prevention of cancer”, observed Cachar Cancer Hospital Research Centre director Dr Ravi Kannan while addressing the distinguished assembly of mediapersons and doctors in the conference hall of the Centre. He admitted behind the making of this Cancer Hospital, media, print and electronic, has been playing constructive role since its inception.

Identification of symptoms and causes could lead to early detection which helped in proper diagnosis and treatment, Dr Kannan said. Barak Valley, he pointed out, “is highly susceptible to the dreaded disease and the common cancer in this region are related to tobacco, cervix, breast and gall bladder”.

Referring to causes, Dr Kannan said tobacco in any form, alcohol addiction, pollution and radiation as well as genetic factors are behind the disease. He revealed there are 4,000 chemicals in tobacco, of which 43 are known carcinogens. It is a matter of sorrow that 8 lakh Indians die every year due to tobacco related cancer. It is most unfortunate that against a revenue of Rs 200 crore from tobacco earned by the exchequer, Rs 2,007 crores were spent on treatment and medical infrastructure. He attributed to the fast changing life style in this country as mostly responsible for cancer. “Media can become the role model to minimize cancer by coincidence,” he said.

Surgical oncologist Dr Jadunath Buragohain laid stress on proper diagnosis and treatment of the disease. In this respect, newspapers and TV channels can play effective role. The facilities available in a treatment centre could well be highlighted for the enlightenment and benefit of patients and their near ones. Pain and palliative care unit head Dr HM Iqbal Bahar said a cancer patient develops psychological, social and spiritual problems which lead to further sense of fear-psychosis.

Dr Bahar further disclosed 10 lakh new cancer patients are diagnosed every year. 40 per cent patients die with severe pain while 60 to 80 per cent are in pain. In order to relieve the patients, all arrangements have been made in this hospital for palliative care. Debabrata Dutta, pharmacist, spoke about the facilities in this hospital for cancer care. From the media Silajit Guha, Reader Mass Communications Department, Assam University, Alpana Nath Chowdhury, Moloy Chakraborty and others offered their views on how the Cancer and Research Centre could take the awareness programme in still uncovered and inaccessible areas of the Valley and beyond. THE SENTINEL

AAMSU annual conference ends
SILCHAR, Sept 15: The two-day 24th annual conference of the All Assam Manipuri Students’ Union concluded here at Sanskrit Bhavan in Silchar recently. The theme of the conference was “socio-economic and political crisis of the Manipuris in Asom.” The open session was attended by AAMSU president RK Sautoshijit. Assam Manipuri Sahitya Parishad president A Nandu Babu Singha attended the conference as chief guest. Besides, AAMWMPCDC president G Beni Mishra, Jaffirbond Thougal Marup president K Somorjit Singha, North East Manipuri Students’ Organisation president O Maniton Singha and other dignitaries also attended the conference. THE SENTINEL

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