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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2013 Durga Puja in Silchar Cachar Assam Location Pandal Address

2013 Durga Puja in Silchar

Durga Puja is one of the most popular festival of the hindus. Bengali hindus worship Goddess Durga every year. Durga Puja is a popular festival in Silchar, Karimganj, Hailakandi as most of the people are bengalis (almost 95%). People from other communities also enjoy Durga Puja festival. Festival activities starts from Mahalaya day. People starts buying new cloths, shoes etc well in advance. Huge rush can be seen in the town. Areas like Premtola, Narshingtola, Central Road, Shillongpatty remains busy all through out the day.

Some of the famous locations where durga puja are organized are :

Public School Road Durga Puja
Tarapur Durga Puja
Premtola Durga Puja
Sonai Road Durga Puja
Bilpar Durga Puja
Shillong Patty Durga Puja
College Road
Sashan Road
Hospital Road

In Tarapur area of Silchar town huge crowd can be seen and puja pandals in this area are famous for the art work. People from allover barak valley visit silchar during durga puja. Durga Puja are also held in Karimganj, Hailakandi, Lakhipur, Lala etc.

During Durga Puja cultural functions are also organised. People enjoy cultural activities all through the night.

Best Durga Puja committees are:

Mitali Sangha Bilpar
Dakshin Bilpar
Rice Mill
Pratham Pally
Ambikapur Purba Para
Paschim Ambikapur
College Tila
Ananda Parishard
Subhash Nagar
Shashan Road
Tarun Shangha
Kali Mohon Road
Shyamaprosad Road
Das Colony
Ambikapur Chowrangee
Ambikapur Puspak

Let us know more Durga Puja in and around Silchar Town.

Note: If you have Durga Puja Pictures, Pandal Pictures, Videos and want to share with us please mail us at indiafacts @

About Silchar 
Silchar is a very small town and it is a land of Bengalis. It has a population of about 1.45 lakh on which more than 80% people are from Bengal. In a calendar year, Silchar celebrate numerous festivals in which the foremost of them is Durga Puja celebrated in the month of October. Another vital festival is the Gandhi Mela, which is a local fair. Local clubs are working together to provide some cultural relief to the people living at Silchar. Some of the renowned clubs of Silchar are Town Club, Dishari, Shanto Sena, Chachar Club, Jyoti Club, and many more.

People of Silchar depend heavily on rice. People living at the border rely on farming and tea cultivation for their necessity items. It has about 125 tea gardens and most of them are producing the best tea of the country. Production of oil, tea, bamboo natural gas rice and cane are the major contributors in Silchars economy and prosperity.

Natural Calamity and disaster are quite normal in Silchar. Mostly devastating earthquakes terrify the people of Silchar. Silchar is also an educational center and has central university, Silchar Medical University, NIT, one polytechnic college that makes Silchar an educational paradise among students.

Wind generally blows from northeast region in the morning and later in the afternoon from southeast. In the end of February, stormy weather sets in the region and in March thunderstorms are quite frequent. Water level of the river Barak starts increasing. Rainy time is from July and August and the region close to the border has to suffer a lot since the water flooded into their agricultural field. All the hard work done by the farmer’s just washes out due to some heavy rainfall that is disappointing from farmer’s point of view. In summer Silchar is hot and it winter it is cool. As usual after summer, the first sign of rain give relief to the people.


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