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Friday, November 6, 2009

Barak Valley Tea Youth Welfare Society (BVTYWS) demands patta land for tea tribe

BVTYWS demands patta land for tea tribe

SILCHAR, Nov 6: The Barak Valley Tea Youth Welfare Society (BVTYWS), in a press release, expressed its concern over land allotment to the landless ex-tea garden people of Chincoorie area. The BVTYWS also sought to bring to light the sensitive issue of the Indragarh land scam in the Chincoorie Tea Estate.

It was reported that the Chincoorie Tea Estate had been lying closed due to the mismanagement of the government.

The tea tribe has been living on this land for the last six generations and was responsible for making the tea industry the economic backbone of this place. But, sources said, the community has only been used by various political parties as vote banks. Despite repeated promises made by politicians, the community is still living without identity and land for habitation.

Many mega projects have been implemented by the relentless efforts of the tea community, but it is still living at the mercy of garden managements with little laws to safeguard their interests, the BVTYWS said. The people of the community are more vulnerable to exploitation once they are evicted from tea garden lands, the youth welfare society added.

The BVTYWS has, therefore, sought justice from the government demanding patta land for the landless tea and ex-tea garden people of Chincoorie. THE SENTINEL

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