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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas celebrated in Barak Valley

SILCHAR/GOSSAIGAON, Dec 25: Christmas through out the hills, dales and plains of Barak Valley was celebrated with all serenity, solemnity and gaiety. The holy day began with carols, prayers and preaching of massages of Lord Jesus through hymns and readings from scriptures.

It was a celebration with little difference in the churches of different denominations. As pastor of Silchar Baptist Church, Dr S Megha Chandra Singh, said, “We have no tradition to bring in Santa Claus.” But, the significance of this holiest of occasion was well brought out everywhere with stress on the theme to explain the birth of Jesus Christ on earth.

In the present day world of conflict and clash, the relevance of the teachings of Christ was more pronounced, pointed out Dr Singh. It was three fold: Love for each other, reconciliation or forgiveness and sharing and giving away gifts.

Lord Jesus, explained Dr Singh, always stood for the good of mankind and it is most unfortunate that “man is drifting apart.” The plan of God is to “live with us, show us the right path,” he quoted verse 1 of Gospel 1. Christ was born to inspire us for living together. This would make society a better place to live.

The pastor said it was still unfortunate that man has tended to be selfish and self-centred, forgetting how to be in harmony with Christ, as mentioned in the Bible “sheep gone astray.” Time has come when he has to reconcile with God. Most important, Jesus Christ died  “for us on the Cross” showing his highest love for mankind so that we could live and love each other. The celebration is also significant because it is the occasion for exchanging greetings and offering of gifts to the helpless and unfortunate.

Christmas’s core message was peace, love and reconciliation. This quality of life alone would make society civilized and a wonderful place to live, pointed out Dr Singh. The evening function was marked by a bonfire in the campus of the church where around 300 faithful assembled around to demonstrate unity, reflection of good thought and commitment for future to live in fellowship. It was also significant to cut the Christmas cake and share it, singing together. The holiest event would be seen at midnight of December 31 “counting upon the blessings of God with sublime prayer to usher in an era of peace and prosperity in the new year,” summed up the pastor.

Christmas celebrations were also seen at Gossaigaon where MCLA Rajen Narjary today greeted the people of Gossaigaon subdivision on the auspicious occasion of Christmas. In his speech, the MCLA decried the effects of the world financial crisis and assured this will not affect their land.

“At times it is subject to violence and injustice but, it remains determined to make its own contribution in the building of a society opposed to the logic of conflict and the rejection of one’s neighbour,” he said. THE SENTINEL

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