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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Insight about Kamakhya Temple

Some Insight about Kamakhya Temple

The Kamakhya Temple is a famous temple for tantric activities or worship f the evil eye in India. It is located in Guwahati, capital of Assam in the Eastern part of Indian sub-continent. It is one of the most honored Shakti temples in India. The temple has deep association with the legend Daksha Yagna (Mythological Indian figure represents Death incarnate) and Shiva (Indian God) and regarded as a Shakti Peethams. It is 8 km away from Guwahati in west direction in the Nilachal hills.

The biggest festival of this temple is Ambubachi. It is a three day long festival and temple remains closed for that period. This temple signifies the goddess and her menstrual cycle which begins on the 7th day of the Ashaad month according to the Hindu calendar while, as per the English calendar it starts on 22nd June. There are enormous amount of devotees visit the temple, from all over the world, at that time; the temple doors are opened on fourth day. You need to book your ticket and hotels in advance if you are visiting during that time. Manasha Puja, Durga Puja, and the Debaddhani festival are also celebrated here.
Mostly the puja is offered to the goddess Kamakhya. The temple is built at the top of hill; splendid view can be seen from there. Devotees form queue at the entrance of porch to semi dark sanctorum. Goddess is kept on a throne and devotees offer their puja near a small pool of water where you can see a symbolic organ covered with red cloth. The temple is opened after 8 a.m. till the evening with a break around 1:30 pm.
April is the best time to visit, as climate is at its best, Guwahati and its temple this place. Bihu festival also coincides at the same time. Guwahati offers many options with hotels ranging from luxury to cheap one. Pltan bazaar is commercial hub of the city and it offers many less budget hotels.
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