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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Hailakandi is considered to be one of the first as well as the oldest subdivisions that can be found in Assam. On 1st June 1869, the district was represented as the civil subdivision which was then upgraded to the district in the year 1989. Having an area of 1326.10 square km, the Hailakandi also has two forest reserves namely Katakhal reserve forest and Inner line reserve forest.

Besides the reserve forest, this district also shares an inter state border on its south with Mizoram which is as long as 76km besides the inter district border with Cachar and Karimganj districts on the other side.  Almost half of the district is sheltered by the forests and the remaining half has 33% of area under cultivation. There are seventeen tea gardens in the Hailakandi district

The Hailakandi district also possesses a city named Hailakandi. Besides being the city, it is also the municipal board in the Hailakandi district in Assam. This district owns seventeen beautiful tea gardens.  

According to the census 2001, the projected population of the Hailakandi district is said to be 542872 in which there are 280513 males and 262359 females. Almost 57% of the population that is 312849 consists of Muslims while there are 223191 Hindu populations and the least population of 5424 is taken by the Christians. The density of population in the Hailakandi district is higher than that of the average density of population in the state. It is 451 per km2  while that of the state is 340 per km2.    

It consists of two towns namely Hailakandi as specified above and Lala. The Hailakandi district has 5 development blocks namely Katilcherra, Algapur, Lala, South Hailakandi and Hailakandi Development blocks. This district is a hone to numerous different communities where the people belonging to different castes and cultures live together.

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