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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Silchar is the town in the Cachar district of Assam. Silchar is stretched on the both edges of the famous river Barak. By the name of this river, there is the valley named as Barak Valley.

Although Silchar is the place which is chiefly populated by the Bengalis, this town is racing towards having a multi-ethnic society having people coming and settling here from variant parts of the country.

Silchar is the place in Assam that boasts scenic beauty with the river flowing on the eastern part of the town. Other than the scenic beauty offered by this town, Silchar is also considered as the educational hub of the country and is adorned with a Central University popularly known as the Assam University. Other than owning a national university, it also has a Medical college, The Silchar Medical College & Hospital. Also there are other popular institutes that can include National Institute of Technology, a polytechnic as well as the renowned Guru Charan College popularly known as the G.C. College.

With the excellent geographic position, Silchar is considered to be an important business point. There are people from all over the country who keep visiting Silchar for business purposes. Silchar is believed to be the imperative commercial area of Assam. It is the trade as well as processing center of variant agricultural products such as tea and rice.

The majority of the inhabitants living in the city of Silchar are Sylhethi. Sylhethis are mainly the immigrants from the Sylhet district of undivided India. Apart from Sylhethis, Silchar also has inhabitants of other communities as well as tribes which are common to Assam as a state in broad-spectrum.

In the recent years, people have been coming to the town from various neighboring smaller areas for employment as well as educational opportunities that hence make the city to be listed as one of the highly populated areas in the state of Assam.

Other than people pouring in for availing the educational and employment opportunities, there are number of tourists that keep flowing in for enjoying the numerous places that are worth visiting while touring in Assam especially Silchar. Some of the major touriost attractions that are worth watching at least once include Narsing Akhra, Sri Sri Kancha Kanti Devi, Maniharan Tunnel, Milroy Sanctuary and Bhuban Hill.   

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