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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong

North-Eastern Hill University

The North-Eastern Hill University had been set up by one of the acts of Parliament of which the notification was given on the 19th July 1973. The university was set up with an objective of disseminating and advancing the knowledge by the means of instructional as well as research skills in the branches of learning. Not only this, the university also pays special attention in the improvement of the economic and social conditions as well as the welfare of the people belonging to the hilly areas of North Eastern part of India especially those who are intellectually, culturally and academically advanced.  

The North-Eastern Hill University has seven different schools where different subjects are taught. The various schools include School of Life Science, School of Technology, School of Human & Environmental Science, School of Physical Science, School of Economics, Management & Information Science, School of Humanities & Education and School of Social Science.

Each school of the North-Eastern Hill University consists of various scholastic departments as well as the centre for studies. Other than owning the departments for studies of the students, the university also owns a central library of which the university and college teachers, undergraduate and post graduate honours students along with the non teaching staff members have a collection of approximately 2,00,000 books along with 38,000 periodicals. Other than being a house of numerous books and periodicals, the university central library also subscribes to 366 Indian Journals and 316 foreign journals.

The North-Eastern Hill University catches the attention of those people who have excelled in their academic careers. These people come from all over the country for serving the university’s faculty. The student community of the North-Eastern Hill University is not only drawn from the North Eastern part of the country but the student’s community includes the students from other parts of the country also.

The relationship between the students as well as the teachers is encouraging and cooperative for both the students and teachers communities. With the cooperation and efforts, North-Eastern Hill University has become known as one of the outstanding academic institutes offering higher education. The university has gained an excellent reputation with in a time span of 30 years.         

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